Thursday, August 19, 2004

Peter the film analyst

Talking to Peter this morning about the Peter Pan (2003) movie we had completed last night, I had shared what the movie meant to me (something about "growing up"). He shared with me that he thought the movie was about "close things". Trying to understand what he meant by "close things", he explained how lots of things almost happened, like Captain Hook's close calls with the crocodile (until he finally got eaten), and the close calls during all those sword-fighting scenes!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Two mowing swaths for the price of one! This gentleman was mowing this area just within the Village of Dryden, but says this system saves him a lot of time on his 2,000 foot runway he maintains in Etna!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Tivo for dreams?

The other morning, Amelia asked Peter how his night went. He reported he had some dreams, which Amelia asked him about. He replied, "They were OK, but had mostly ads." Total dead-pan delivery- just priceless!

Note that we don't have TV in our house!! Got me thinking we need to get him a Tivo in order to help him zip past those ads so he can go back to his regularly scheduled dreaming. :-)

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Christopher in Switzerland, 2004, enjoying the view after a hard-earned cog-train ride up from Geneva Lake.

Peter picking a flower "love gift" for Mommy.

This July 2004 photo shows me standing in front of the Ch√Ęteau de Chillon in Switzerland with Cady on my back, Peter at my side, and my two nieces (brother Christopher) from Alaska, Beth and Karen.

Cady enjoying the thrill of a 3 hour Swiss train ride, on the second story of the train, //and// playing on a playground, all at the same time!!

Cady at the Habicht Family Festival in Schaffhausen, dressed up and still active. Posted by Hello

Peter making friends with a Swiss fire hydrant on the walk to the Habicht (Colbs) Family Festival in Schaffhausen. Posted by Hello

Peter enjoying a playground "zip line" this summer in Switerland, while we await our boat to Germany. Posted by Hello

Amelia piloting the family to the U.P. in Michigan, a 600 mile flight requring one fuel stop in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Would have been an 800 mile car ride! Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Family in Switzerland this summer.

Our Swiss vacation was lovely! This photo was taken near the end our 3 hour walk at the base of the Eiger's famous "North Face".

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Vacation photos on-line.

I finally found a great way to post our family photos at Last night, I paid for the "Plus" service for the year so it is now add-free to viewers.

If you have digital photos, this is a great service to use to share them (Windows only).

Or, get to them from our family web site.